Something will do us

Dear Nigerians,

I am sure by now, everyone has heard of the terrible ordeal Ese went through. The story goes that, at 13 years old, Ese, a girl from Bayelsa state was kidnapped by a northerner, taken to Kano and forced to be a muslim and was wedded to him. After a period of time, it was brought to the attention of the media and there was a media frenzy. She has now returned home but alas, that is not the end of the tragic story. Ese is now pregnant, at 14. Continue reading


Malaria, still in Nigeria? Shocking!!! (not)

Dear readers,

On Monday, 25th April 2016, the world celebrated Malaria day. It is expected that Nigeria should be a country also celebrating a move towards elimination, due to the excess expenditure on malaria elimination.

Yet, it has been reported that Nigeria had one of the highest number of deaths from malaria worldwide. So, I decided to throw a question out to three people who help fight against Malaria in the country. My question was “Despite all the focus to eliminate Malaria in Nigeria, Why is it still a problem?”

Interestingly, I got three different answers. Let’s discuss them, shall we? Continue reading

Close that window (to Hypertension)

Hi Readers,

Because I wrote about diabetes last week, I saw it fitting to write about this particular disease. Because like diabetes, it usually tends to occur among older people. Like diabetes, it is caused by certain unhealthy behaviours. And like diabetes, it is a leading cause of premature deaths worldwide. As in, it has killed millions of people. So today, we are going to learn about *drum roll please* HYPERTENSION.

Yes, readers. Just so you know, Hypertension and Diabetes are really close. They love each other so much, they follow themselves. So if someone has hypertension, Diabetes is more likely to follow, and vice versa. Since, they love to follow each other, I felt hypertension will feel really betrayed, if I didn’t blog about it after blogging about diabetes last week. Continue reading

Ibadan, I am shaking my head

Dear Ibadan,

Let me tell you a true story. Something that got me saying “Ha’an, but Ibadan, you are bigger than this na” As in, you should have passed this level by now. Anyway, my story goes thus;

I was going home from school one fateful day. I had just arrived in Ibadan, So, it was my first time of using the public transport.

I stopped a cab and there were four passengers sitting at the back. Packed like sardines. No one was in the front. I was like “What? When the front seat is free, why are they struggling at the back?” I was happy sha. I was going to have a comfortable ride back home,  I entered the cab, buckled my seat belt like the good law abiding Nigerian I am and took out my phone to while away the time. Continue reading

Do Not Write That Love Letter! (to Diabetes)

Dear readers,

How are you? Its been a while. A week, right? Because this post is a bit long, I’ll just get right to it. Try to read it all. It’s important information. I am watching you…

Did you know that this year, for the World health Day, the World Health Organization (WHO) decided to focus on DIABETES? Yes, Diabetes is causing them a lot of worry. Because, it is a life threatening condition. It is responsible for the early deaths of so many people. Despite the fact that it can be prevented, a large number of people are diabetic. And a larger number of people will be diabetic in the future, if drastic measures are not put in place. Diabetes causes so many other health conditions. And it is a very expensive disease. Their worry is not baseless. In a country like Nigeria that is still grappling with Malaria, adding the burden of a disease like diabetes will only make its health situation worse. Continue reading

If You Do Not, Who Will?

Dear Nigerians,

Before I wrote this post, I stared at the blank MS Word page on my laptop screen for hours searching for the perfect words to write. Those magic words that will inspire and motivate you to see your health as a priority. Words that will make you adopt a healthy lifestyle. And I must confess, I could think of nothing. After a few hours of thinking and writing and deleting, I decided to write why adopting a healthy lifestyle is important to me.

I guess the most obvious reason is that, I do not want to be sick. I hate being sick. I hate that feeling of weakness and helplessness, of pain and weariness. I hate that I have to depend on someone to take care of me and I hate that my caretaker will have to be inconvenienced. Oh, and I hate pills and injections. Need I say more? Continue reading