Jaja Clinic, I am shaking my head

Dear Readers,

Let me tell you a true story.

One fine Friday morning, my friends and I went to the school’s clinic, Jaja Clinic for our medical registration. As new students, we were all expected to carry out medical tests and register with Jaja Clinic.  By 8am, we were there, with plans to complete our registrations that day. But, Alas, as the popular saying goes, man proposes and Jaja Clinic disposes.

We “cat-walked” to the clinic laboratory ready to begin with the urine test. At the door of the lab, the lab technician, seated on a chair said “Go and come back when there is water”. Continue reading


Seven reasons to eat (more) dates.

Dear readers,

Sorry, this is a very late post. So many factors contributed to the lateness of this post. Electricity and Internet, I am looking at you. But anyway,

I decided to start a new series to post at least once a month. And that is the “eat more” series (working title). This series will talk about common foods in our locality and how they are so important for our health. Hence, we need to eat more of them, Hence the “eat more” working title.

So today, in the spirit of Ramadan, I will be writing on why we should eat more dates. Continue reading