Jaja Clinic, I am shaking my head

Dear Readers,

Let me tell you a true story.

One fine Friday morning, my friends and I went to the school’s clinic, Jaja Clinic for our medical registration. As new students, we were all expected to carry out medical tests and register with Jaja Clinic.  By 8am, we were there, with plans to complete our registrations that day. But, Alas, as the popular saying goes, man proposes and Jaja Clinic disposes.

We “cat-walked” to the clinic laboratory ready to begin with the urine test. At the door of the lab, the lab technician, seated on a chair said “Go and come back when there is water”.

Dumbfounded, we went to a chair to sit. For about five minutes, we vigorously shook our heads and muttered to ourselves “But how is this possible?”, “But there is light, how will there be no water?”, “But, How can’t a clinic have water?” “But…, But…, But…”

After realizing that complaining would be of no help, we decided to do other tests (X-ray, Visual acuity tests) instead before going back for the urine analysis. We assumed that by the time we were done with these tests, there would surely be water. But alas, Man proposes and Jaja Clinic disposes.

Suffice it to say, we did not finish our medical registration that day.

The fact that there was no water in a university clinic is what baffles me till today. The sad truth is that it remains a reality in many health centers in Nigeria.

Now, I give you permission to imagine all the various consequences of lack of water in a clinic. When you are done, you may shake your head.



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