Heat confessions (Heat and my health)

I am so glad the rain has come and the heat has been washed away. Because the season was too hot.

If there was constant electricity, I wouldn’t have had cause to complain much, because then, being indoors wouldn’t be a problem. But this season, being indoors and outdoors were equally frustrating.

Now that it’s gone, I just have to rant about the good and bad ways the heat affected my health.


I walked more. There is this mall that is of walking distance from where I stay. So, when the heat was too much to bear, I would walk (under the scorching sun) to the mall for some dose of that air conditioner. I would walk around, window shop and then I’d be forced to buy something. In the evenings, when the weather was cooler, I’d walk back home. So that would be probably about two hours of walking. Which is some good physical activity.

I drank more water. When it’s hot, we sweat more. So we need more water. This heat season, I drank a lot of water. This is a really good thing for me because I usually do not drink water. I usually have to force myself to drink water because it is so essential for good health. But this time, the opposite was the case. I just hope I keep it up now that the heat is gone. Fingers crossed.


Ice cream. See, the heat was so bad, that when I went to the mall, I used to crave ice cream. And I must confess, I gave into temptation. Twice. *Face palm*.

Mosquitoes and malaria. It was hot. There was no light at night. At that time, I just couldn’t find mosquito repellents. And no matter how much I sprayed the room with insecticides, somehow one or two mosquitoes would find a way to survive. I basically had to make a difficult decision. Between being fully covered to protect myself from mosquitoes or being open to receive some air, hence exposing myself to the wrath of mosquitoes. And I must confess, there were times the mosquitoes won.

My nutrition. At that time, thinking about eating hot food, in the heat, with no electricity was just a complete turn off. Many times, I had to forego my rice and vegetable stew for some nice cold cornflakes, which is definitely not as nutritious.

No green tea. I love tea. Green tea, ginger tea, lemon tea or combination of all. And you know they are all beneficial to health. But, obviously because of the heat, I just couldn’t take my beloved hot tea, depriving me of all the tea healthy goodness. *Sigh*

Mental health. This heat drove me stark raving mad. I’d get so angry. There were times I screamed out my frustration. Opening the window was futile. Because that was just inviting more heat in. Having a bath was a relief. For five seconds. To protect myself and my mental health, I would take matters into my own hands, walk to the mall. And crave ice cream. *Deep sigh*

Thankfully, its gone for now and all i need is an umbrella for the rain.

So, how did the heat affect your health?


10 thoughts on “Heat confessions (Heat and my health)

  1. wordboyswords says:

    I’m usually okay with heat as long as I keep myself hydrated and don’t get to overworked. My problem comes from humidity. Since I currently live in Central Florida, where the humidity averages about 200%, I live with what seems like an unending string of pounding sinus headaches, some so bad that OTC remedies barely relieve them.


  2. Shoshanah Marohn says:

    Oh, I dislike the heat! That’s why I moved to Wisconsin, but it’s still hot and humid lately. I’m the same as you, but add to the bad: trouble sleeping. I don’t know why! My house is air conditioned. Thank goodness.

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  3. thenigerianteenagerco says:

    Awww, am so sorry, but I had to laugh, am obviously used to the heat but it often gets to a point where I just want to walk around stark naked, just make sure you don’t put on clothes that won’t make you sweat more, get sunshades, hats and drink a lot of water..😘 BTW, ice-cream is life😢

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  4. rahina says:

    Had a lot of rashes, n wen I tried sleepin covered bcos of d sweating I ended up wit a cold. Trust me havin catarrh during heat season is nt funny.


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