Dear smokers, be selfish

Dear smokers,


This post is dedicated to you. It is not a post telling you to quit smoking. Because that’s just a waste of time. Instead, this post is telling you, to be selfish.

This post is begging you to keep all that smoke to yourself.

When you smoke and exhale, you are releasing what is called second hand smoke. When you light a cigarette, its end releases what is called second hand smoke. This form of smoke is even more dangerous than the smoke you exhale. This is because the end of a cigarette is like a dump that contains the waste of the cigarette’s toxins. Hence, it emits even more dangerous chemicals than what you inhale.

Some of you may have friends that do not smoke but just seem to love your company and they hang around you when you smoke and unconsciously inhale the second hand smoke. To be a selfish smoker, all you have to do is, either stop smoking when they are around or go somewhere private to smoke. When you are done, come back and continue that oh-so interesting conversation.

Some of you smoke at home, when you live with others; your partners, children or parents. They may not be with you while you smoke at home. You may leave the window open or the fan turned on to ventilate. But this doesn’t help. As long as you smoke at home, whoever is in that house will inhale second hand smoke. As long as you smoke at home, even when no one is around, whoever comes home, hours later will inhale second hand smoke. Second hand smoke spreads and lingers. A window or a fan is not good enough.

By smoking at home or around others, you are spreading the toxins to others. You are putting them at risk of lung cancer and other heart diseases and early death. If your partner is female and pregnant, you are putting the unborn baby at risk of low birth weight, several other diseases and death. With children, you are putting them at risk of respiratory diseases, severe asthma attacks, infections and death. For the elderly, you are putting them at risk of cancers, cardiovascular diseases, heart attacks and death. See the pattern here? The sad thing is, there is no risk free level. Any level of exposure to second hand smoke can cause harm.

That’s why this post is begging you not to smoke at home, in public places or in the presence of non-smokers. And if you do, knowing all this, I really do not see the difference between you and those who know their positive HIV status and still chose to have unprotected sex with unsuspecting individuals.

Inhale your toxins alone and keep your risk of heart disease, heart attack, lung cancer, impotence or infertility and early death to yourself. Be selfish.


12 thoughts on “Dear smokers, be selfish

  1. Adubazi says:

    I totally agree with this. I have preached this but people wouldn’t believe me. Some will say I don’t smoke, but I love the smell of cigarette, so pathetic. Nice one Hassy. #SmokersBeSelfish


    • Candid Hassey says:

      Thanks Paul. Some people just do not know the effects or they do not care. But we should still keep preaching it. At least even if it’s one person that listens, then we have done something.


  2. Candid Hassey says:

    Smokers do not die young, but they die younger than they should, when compared to non smokers. Cigarette smoking doesn’t cause lung cancer alone, it causes hypertension and heart attacks and strokes as well as several other diseases and cancers.
    As for the weed, there is still a lot of debate about that. Though it can definitely not be compared to the effects of tobacco.


  3. Imaobong says:

    This title totally caught my attention
    Beautiful article too
    I have some health issues that require me to breathe clean and healthy air as much as I can and these ones don’t help matters for me
    Great job with your blog! ☺

    Liked by 1 person

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