Happy International Youth day

We have attained Bachelor and Masters Degrees. We have applied for jobs we are overqualified for. We have been harassed by gatemen of large corporations as we shamelessly attempt to drop our unsolicited CVs. We have fallen prey to fraudsters who promised us jobs if we pay an exorbitant sum of money. We do not want to look at our parents’ faces because we do not want to see the disappointment they try to hide. They have spent so much on our education, you see?

We begin to wonder why we didn’t learn fashion designing or catering like we really wanted to. But then our parents would have cursed at us. “See, in Nigeria, to succeed, you can only study Medicine, Law, or Engineering,” they would say. Because every parent wants us to study these courses, the jobs have become too few for too many.

There is little financial support for the businesses we try to set up after years of waiting for a white collar job. The banks have asked us for land that we do not have. We cannot ask for startup funds from our parents. They do not have enough to give us. And they have other children to cater to, you know?

We wonder why the government is not doing enough to make things better.  They know what to do, right? Right?

We do not wonder at the increase in cybercrime, violence, vandalism, and terrorism. Because we know it is a product of too many people like us.  People who have become idle, depressed, desperate, or angry.

And then we wonder if unemployment in Nigeria will ever come to an end.

In light of the International Youth day, the Nigerian government is telling us that we need to learn skills so that we can focus on entrepreneurship and reduce the rate of unemployment.

That’s a good solution. We already know. But then how do we start anything when the financial resources are absent? That is what is stopping many of us from starting something on our own. Can the government provide a solution to this problem? I wonder.

The truth is the economy needs to be better for our businesses to thrive. But then the economy cannot be better if the youths cannot contribute to its development. This is the time for the government to make the right investments and take advantage of the large potential working population in the country. The youth is the key for an economically robust Nigeria.

In conclusion, Happy International Youth day, everyone. 

In the spirit of the above post, please check out this book by the young and best selling author, Segilola Salami “Yetunde; An Ode to my Mother

Its a lovely and interesting read that is an ode to all mothers. It focuses on the power of love of a mother. It’s also perfect for learning about the Yoruba heritage. For those who love to learn about other cultures, this book is the way to go. 



7 thoughts on “Happy International Youth day

  1. Un Mundo Ghaneses says:

    Look at your assets. If you don’t have hard cash right away, your assets can be the answer. Sell things you absolutely don’t need. Why do you need two flatscreen tv’s when one is enough for the whole family?


  2. Couture Freak (@couturecrib) says:

    Hassey, so you sef na youth? Eh kwa? Well, happy youth day! One thing I’d like to tell other youths like me in this hard times is …

    Learn to use your head!
    Learn to use your skill!
    Learn to pray on your knees!
    Learn to work hard and smart!
    Above all, start something with the little you’ve got on you.

    Remember when they asked Moses what he had in his hand? It was just a staff! But that staff helped Moses command millions!

    We youths always want to hit big! Instantly! Life isn’t that easy. That I’m sure of.. If it were, everyone would be successful, and success would become a child’s play.

    If only our government can make politics to look like the hardest job on planet earth, then use the money to develop the country, Nigerians themselves will surely invent another world! I know we’re that creative!

    I talk too much nowadays! I holla from @littlechibz and @couturecrib!

    Remain blessed!


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