Jaja Clinic, I am shaking my head

Dear Readers,

Let me tell you a true story.

One fine Friday morning, my friends and I went to the school’s clinic, Jaja Clinic for our medical registration. As new students, we were all expected to carry out medical tests and register with Jaja Clinic.  By 8am, we were there, with plans to complete our registrations that day. But, Alas, as the popular saying goes, man proposes and Jaja Clinic disposes.

We “cat-walked” to the clinic laboratory ready to begin with the urine test. At the door of the lab, the lab technician, seated on a chair said “Go and come back when there is water”. Continue reading


Ibadan, I am shaking my head

Dear Ibadan,

Let me tell you a true story. Something that got me saying “Ha’an, but Ibadan, you are bigger than this na” As in, you should have passed this level by now. Anyway, my story goes thus;

I was going home from school one fateful day. I had just arrived in Ibadan, So, it was my first time of using the public transport.

I stopped a cab and there were four passengers sitting at the back. Packed like sardines. No one was in the front. I was like “What? When the front seat is free, why are they struggling at the back?” I was happy sha. I was going to have a comfortable ride back home,  I entered the cab, buckled my seat belt like the good law abiding Nigerian I am and took out my phone to while away the time. Continue reading