Exclusive breastfeeding and in-laws

Hi readers, how has your week been? I have not been of optimum health this weekend so I wasn’t able to conjure something new and original. I call it lazy brain syndrome. However, I bring to you this very short story/ fictional write up/dialogue/health educational fictional scenario (I don’t really know what to call it) that I wrote for a friend of mine who needed to transform it to a script, make a very short video and share it on social media. I don’t know what happened to that idea, but it was a good one.

Side note: I wrote several of such fictional scenarios, so whenever I am unable to write something new or have lazy brain syndrome, I will post one of them here.

Bear in mind that I wrote this at a time in my life that I was extremely busy, so forgive the quality (My lazy brain syndrome won’t let me edit properly). Feel free to criticise and comment. It will only make me better. Continue reading


Ageism: Let’s respect our elders

On Saturday, Oct 1st 2016, the world marked the international day for older persons. This year, the focus was on saying no to ageism.

Ageism is discrimination based on age. All around the world, older people are viewed as a group of people with nothing to offer. We forget that they have lived long lives and hence, have acquired a wealth of knowledge, wisdom and experience along the way that they can share. We forget that they are human beings too, who have rights. Rights to whatever we have rights to.

As Nigerians, we respect the elderly and care for them. It is an integral part of our culture. We greet them. We cannot sit down if they are standing, hence we vacate our chairs so they can sit. We obey them. We do not call them by their names. If they are holding something, we collect it from them, because we do not want them to carry anything that’s heavy. And so much more. How nice. Continue reading

Sunshine blogger award

For a long while, I have been off blogosphere. I have had things I wanted to write about, but the words were nowhere to be found. I went around asking people to give me topics to write about. I wanted to see if anything would immediately kick start that blogging part of my brain that was asleep.

Today, I can’t say what is making me write again. Maybe it’s the fact that I realized I had lost discipline in every aspect of my life and I knew it was high time I brought some order back.

So, the good news is, I was nominated for the Sunshine blogger award by lemonslemonade.com. Yayyyyyy. My first ever blogging award.  And that just made my day. You know when a family member or friend compliments your work, you’ll say “Thank you” with a huge smile. But when someone you hardly know does the same, you”ll say “Wow. Wow. Thannnnnk yoooou”. And then you’ll smile for a long time. That was me that day. Continue reading

From a sexually transmitted infection to cancer

This post is going to address one of the leading forms of cancers among women in Nigeria. Cervical cancer. This cancer affects the cervix – which is the lower part of the womb. It is the second most common type of cancer among women, after breast cancer and it is seriously killing women. Every day, 26 women in Nigeria die from cervical cancer and close to 70% of women who have cervical cancer in Nigeria will die, for various reasons. Continue reading